Your company has a need to do EC/EDI but you don't have the resources to staff and maintain your own EDI department. Or, EC/EDI requirements are taking staff away from mission critical projects. Jigsaw Solutions can offer a number of ways to help, we can handle support and development at your site or from ours. We can monitor your processing either remotely or at your site, this can help your stretch your budget dollars and help you free up resources. 


You have good resources, but either current projects and support have them overloaded, or you have less seasoned resources and are looking for a boost in bringing them up to speed. Jigsaw Solutions can help, our resources are experienced in all facets of EC/EDI and bring that knowledge and a willingness to mentor and share skills and lessons learned through years of developing and supporting EC/EDI.

Staff Supplementation

Your under a crunch to get projects or support tasks done, we can supply an experienced EC/EDI resource that will fit in with any team or environment. Our resources will assume any role needed to get your EC/EDI job done. 


Are you currently doing EC/EDI and find that your not able to meet the demands and needs of your trading partners and company business requirements? Do you need to get started with EC/EDI and don't know how? Jigsaw Solutions has the answers. We can help you develop maps, implement trading partners and EC/EDI transactions so you can concentrate on your business. We can also help you create the procedures, methods and technology to ensure you know where your critical business transactions are at all times.


You are doing EC/EDI but aren't realizing the cost benefits because you haven't been able to roll out your program to the majority of you trading partners. We at Jigsaw Solutions can help, we'll put together a roll out plan that gets your trading partners electronically transmitting those business critical transactions is the shortest possible time.

Software Selection

Your trying to get started and aren't sure how to proceed, or your finding that your current EC/EDI software is the limiting factor of your EC/EDI implementation. Jigsaw Solutions analysts have extensive experience with many brands and platforms of EC/EDI software. Additionally, we have contacts and relationships with many EC/EDI software vendors. We'll help you make the best selection for your needs and budget.  



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