In 1990 Sterling Software bought rights to develop and distribute EDITRAN, at that time three developers were hired to modify and develop EDITRAN which Sterling renamed Gentran. Bill Oskowski, one of the owners of Jigsaw Solutions, Ltd. was one of that original team hired to work on Gentran. Over the course of four and 1/2 years Bill worked on Gentran and became project lead for the Gentran Plus, Gentran 400 communications and Supertracs 400 products.

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation 

(BWC) Health Partnership Program (HPP)

Michelle Oskowski also was employed as a Compuware consultant and became involved in EDI by being named team leader and lead technical analyst for the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) Health Partnership Program (HPP). This program automated BWC claim processing using EDI to communicate with 60 Managed Care Organizations (MCO's) across the state of Ohio.One of the biggest challenges of this project was the state mandate that all 60 MCO's had to do certification testing during the same time period and all 60 MCO's had to go production the same day. The system has been in every day use at BWC since 1998 with few problems.

EC/EDI Line of Business

Both Michelle and Bill were involved in creating an EC/EDI line of business (LOB) in the Columbus Compuware branch. This process entailed educating the branch and management about the possibilities of EC/EDI in the Columbus market, giving a go/no go presentation to branch management and then creating/hiring a team to implement the concept. In the eighteen months that Michelle was line of business manager the LOB went from the initial two people to thirty people earning an estimated $3.1 million in annual sales.


The following are a sample of the projects and support efforts we have been involved in over the last decade












Jigsaw Solutions consultants have experience with the following;

IBM S/390 Main Frame            IBM AS/400            NT Server 4.0            IBM RS/6000 AIX

Sun Solaris                                Windows 95         Windows 98               NT Work Station 4.0

Red Hat Linux 6.2  



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